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Feb 03, 2010  Hearing
Passenger Screening R&D: Responding to President Obama’s Call to Develop and Deploy the Next Generation of Screening Technologies

Nov 19, 2009  Hearing
The Research and Development Portfolio to Support the Priorities of the Department of Transportation

Nov 19, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Reviews the Priorities and Agenda of DOT’s R&D Portfolio

Sep 16, 2009  Member Speeches
Chairman Gordon's Floor Speech on H.R. 3246

Sep 16, 2009  Member Speeches
Rep. Gary C. Peters' Floor Speech on H.R. 3246

Sep 16, 2009  Press release
House Approves Bill to Invest in Comprehensive Vehicle Technology Research Program

Jul 30, 2009  Legislation Highlights
Advanced Vehicle Technology Act of 2009

Jul 29, 2009  Press release
Committee Approves Energy Research Legislation

Jul 29, 2009  Markup
Full Committee - H.R. 3246, H.R. 3165, H.R. 3029, H.R. 3247

Jul 28, 2009  Legislation Highlights
To provide for a program of research, development, and demonstration on natural gas vehicles

Jul 21, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Advances Bills To Improve Energy R&D and Increase Efficiency

Jul 21, 2009  Press release
House Approves S&T Bills That Authorize Environmental Research Parks, Advance Natural Gas Vehicle R&D

Jul 21, 2009  Markup
Energy and Environment Subcommittee - H.R. 3246, H.R. 3165, H.R. 3029, H.R. 3247

Jul 15, 2009  Press release
Bill to Update Transportation R&D Clears Subcommittee

Jul 15, 2009  Markup
Technology and Innovation Subcommittee - H.R. 2569

Jun 16, 2009  Markup
Subcommittee on Energy & Environment - H.R. 2693, H.R. 2729, H.R. 1622

Jun 16, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Advances Bills to Update Oil Spill R&D, to Authorize National Environmental Research Parks, and to Advance Natural Gas Vehicle R&D

Mar 31, 2009  Hearing
The Role of Research in Addressing Climate in Transportation Infrastructure

Mar 31, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Addresses the Need for a Research Agenda to Mitigate Our Transportation System’s Impact on the Environment

Mar 24, 2009  Hearing
Examining Federal Vehicle Technology Research and Development Programs

Mar 24, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Examines DOE’s Vehicle Technology R&D Programs To Ensure Industry and Public Needs Are Met

Feb 12, 2009  Hearing
An Overview of Transportation R&D: Priorities for Reauthorization

Feb 12, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Reviews Federal and State Transportation R&D Efforts

Jun 24, 2008  Hearing
Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Transportation Infrastructure

Jun 24, 2008  Press release
Panel Explores Ways to Reduce Transportation Costs, Environmental Impact Through Improved Infrastructure

Jun 10, 2008  Hearing
Hybrid Technologies for Medium- to Heavy-Duty Commercial Trucks

May 10, 2007  Hearing
Green Transportation Infrastructure: Challenges to Access and Implementation

May 10, 2007  Press release
Wu Leads Look into Green Transportation Infrastructure

Jan 30, 2007  Hearing
Advanced Fuels Infrastructure Research and Development Act

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