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Jan 26, 2011  Press release
Ranking Member Johnson Responds to the President's State of the Union Address

Jun 16, 2010  Hearing
Real-Time Forecasting for Renewable Energy Development

Jun 16, 2010  Press release
Members Discuss Need for Accurate Forecasting to Better Utilize Renewable Energy Resources

Dec 03, 2009  Hearing
Marine and Hydrokinetic Energy Technology: Finding the Path to Commercialization

Dec 03, 2009  Press release
Members, Witnesses Discuss Harnessing Energy from Waves, Currents, and Stored Heat in Oceans

Dec 01, 2009  Press release
House Approves Bills to Improve the Integration of Energy and Water Research and the Efficiency of Natural Gas Turbines

Oct 29, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Examines DOE’s Fusion Programs and the Challenges and Benefits of Fusion Energy

Oct 07, 2009  Press release
Committee Passes Legislation to Prevent and Control Harmful Algal Blooms, Improve Solar Technology, and Research the Link between Water and Energy Resources

Oct 07, 2009  Markup
H.R. 3650, H.R. 3585, H.R. 3598

Sep 30, 2009  Markup
H.R. 3650, H.R. 3598, H.R. 3585

Sep 30, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Approves Bills to Control Harmful Algal Blooms, Improve Solar Technology, and Examine the Link between Energy and Water Resources

Sep 29, 2009  Legislation Highlights
Energy and Water Research Integration Act

Sep 16, 2009  Member Speeches
Chairman Gordon's Floor Speech on H.R. 3246

Sep 16, 2009  Member Speeches
Rep. Gary C. Peters' Floor Speech on H.R. 3246

Sep 16, 2009  Press release
House Approves Bill to Invest in Comprehensive Vehicle Technology Research Program

Jul 30, 2009  Legislation Highlights
Advanced Vehicle Technology Act of 2009

Jul 30, 2009  Legislation Highlights
Wind Energy Research and Development Act of 2009

Jul 30, 2009  Legislation Highlights
To establish a research, development, and technology demonstration program to improve the efficiency of gas turbines used in combined cycle power generation systems

Jul 29, 2009  Press release
Committee Approves Energy Research Legislation

Jul 29, 2009  Markup
Full Committee - H.R. 3246, H.R. 3165, H.R. 3029, H.R. 3247

Jul 28, 2009  Legislation Highlights
To provide for a program of research, development, and demonstration on natural gas vehicles

Jul 21, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Advances Bills To Improve Energy R&D and Increase Efficiency

Jul 21, 2009  Markup
Energy and Environment Subcommittee - H.R. 3246, H.R. 3165, H.R. 3029, H.R. 3247

Jul 14, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Investigates Ways to Improve Solar and Wind Energy to Meet Americans Needs

Jul 14, 2009  Hearing
New Roadmaps for Wind and Solar Research and Development

Jul 09, 2009  Press release
Members, Witnesses Discuss Water, Energy Link

Jul 09, 2009  Hearing
Technology Research and Development Efforts Related to the Energy and Water Linkage

Jun 16, 2009  Markup
Subcommittee on Energy & Environment - H.R. 2693, H.R. 2729, H.R. 1622

Jun 16, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Advances Bills to Update Oil Spill R&D, to Authorize National Environmental Research Parks, and to Advance Natural Gas Vehicle R&D

Mar 17, 2009  Hearing
New Directions for Energy Research and Development at the U.S. Department of Energy

Mar 11, 2009  Hearing
FutureGen and the Department of Energy’s Advanced Coal Programs

Sep 10, 2008  Hearing
The Foundation for Developing New Energy Technologies: Basic Energy Research in the DOE Office of Science

Aug 25, 2008  Letters From the Committee
Letter to President Cicerone (NAS) Supporting a Comprehensive and Objective Analysis of Energy Technologies

Jun 24, 2008  Hearing
Sustainable, Energy-Efficient Transportation Infrastructure

Jun 10, 2008  Hearing
Hybrid Technologies for Medium- to Heavy-Duty Commercial Trucks

Jan 30, 2007  Hearing
Advanced Fuels Infrastructure Research and Development Act

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