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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Mar 30, 2011  Hearing
A Review of NASA's Exploration Program in Transition: Issues for Congress and Industry

Mar 30, 2011  Press release
Subcommittee Democrats Urge Clarity and Realism in NASA’s Exploration Plans and Tie Successful Execution to Stable Funding and Policy

Mar 02, 2011  Press release
Committee Democrats Caution Against Start-Stop Approach to NASA’s Funding and Goals

Mar 02, 2011  Hearing
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration Fiscal year 2012 Budget Request

Nov 16, 2010  Press release
Members Applaud NASA’s Role in Successful Chilean Miner Rescue

Oct 08, 2010  Letters From the Committee
Letter to House Appropriators regarding NASA Authorization

Oct 08, 2010  Letters From the Committee
Letter to Senate Appropriators regarding NASA Authorization

Sep 29, 2010  Member Speeches
Chairman Gordon's Floor Statement on S. 3729, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2010

Sep 29, 2010  Press release
House Approves Senate Version of the NASA Reauthorization

Sep 27, 2010  Press release
Chairman Gordon Statement on House Consideration of NASA Reauthorization

Sep 23, 2010  Press release
Committee Releases Compromise Language on NASA Reauthorization

Sep 03, 2010  Letters From the Committee
Response to a letter expressing concern about NASA's future

Jul 28, 2010  Report
Fairness and Contracting Integrity in NASA’s Space Communications Network Services Competition

Jul 22, 2010  Press release
Committee Approves Three-Year Authorization That Sets Realistic, Sustainable Path for NASA

Jul 22, 2010  Markup
H.R.5781- National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2010

Jul 19, 2010  Legislation Highlights
National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act of 2010

Jul 19, 2010  Press release
Committee Releases Legislative Text of NASA Reauthorization Bill

May 26, 2010  Hearing
Review of the Proposed National Aeronautics and Space Administration Human Spaceflight Plan

May 26, 2010  Press release
Committee Reviews, Questions NASA’s Proposed Human Spaceflight Plan

May 06, 2010  Press release
Subcommittee Chairwoman Giffords Congratulates NASA on Successful Launch Abort Test

May 05, 2010  Press release
Research Needed to Better Predict, Understand Impact of Volcanic Ash on Aircraft, Subcommittee Hears

Mar 24, 2010  Hearing
Proposed Changes to NASA’s Exploration Program: What’s Known, What’s Not, and What Are The Issues for Congress?

Mar 24, 2010  Press release
Members Question Changes to NASA’s Exploration Program

Mar 19, 2010  Letters To the Committee
Aerospace Response to Questions Regarding Support to the Review of the U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee

Feb 25, 2010  Hearing
NASA’s Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Request and Issues

Feb 25, 2010  Press release
Committee Expresses Caution Over Proposed Changes to NASA’s Human Space Flight Program

Feb 04, 2010  Press release
Members Question NASA Watchdogs on Challenges Facing Agency

Feb 03, 2010  Hearing
Key Issues and Challenges Facing NASA: Views of the Agency’s Watchdogs

Feb 01, 2010  Press release
Chairman Gordon Comments on President’s Budget Request

Feb 01, 2010  Requested Report
[GAO] NASA: Assessments of Selected Large-Scale Projects

Jan 29, 2010  Press release
Statement by Chairman Gordon and Chairwoman Giffords on NASA’s Day of Remembrance

Jan 19, 2010  Press release
Reauthorization of America COMPETES Act Tops Committee’s Agenda, Chairman says

Jan 15, 2010  Requested Report
[ASAP] Annual Report for 2009

Dec 11, 2009  Press release
Aerospace Workforce and Industrial Base At Critical Juncture, Committee Hears

Dec 10, 2009  Hearing
Decisions on the Future Direction and Funding for NASA: What Will They Mean for the U.S. Aerospace Workforce and Industrial Base?

Dec 04, 2009  Press release
Subcommittees Hold Oversight Hearing to Examine Audit of NASA’s Financial Operations

Dec 03, 2009  Hearing
Independent Audit of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Dec 02, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Examines Ways to Make Human Space Flight Safer

Dec 02, 2009  Hearing
Ensuring the Safety of Human Space Flight

Nov 19, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Examines Opportunities, Risks in the Growth of Global Space Capabilities

Nov 16, 2009  Press release
Chairman Gordon and Subcommittee Chairwoman Giffords Congratulate NASA on Receiving TIME Magazine’s Best Invention of the Year Award for Its Ares Rockets

Nov 13, 2009  Requested Report
[NASA OIG] NASA's Most Serious Management and Performance Challenges

Oct 28, 2009  Press release
Chairman Gordon and Subcommittee Chairwoman Giffords Comment on Successful Ares I-X Test Launch

Oct 22, 2009  Press release
Chairman Gordon and Subcommittee Chairwoman Giffords Comment on Augustine Committee Report

Oct 22, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Examines Technology Development at NASA

Oct 22, 2009  Hearing
Strengthening NASA’s Technology Development Programs

Oct 20, 2009  Member Speeches
Chairman Gordon's Floor Speech on H.R. 3819

Oct 20, 2009  Press release
House Approves S&T Bill to Extend Commercial Space Transportation Liability Regime and Two Resolutions

Oct 16, 2009  Requested Report
[GAO] NASA: Briefing on National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Programs and Associated Activities

Oct 16, 2009  Press release
GAO Report Affirms That NASA Has Effective Mechanisms for Coordinating with Other Federal Agencies and Avoiding Duplicative Efforts

Oct 15, 2009  Requested Report

Oct 15, 2009  Press release
GAO Report Warns of Vulnerabilities in NASA’s Networks

Oct 09, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Chairwoman Cites Need for “Robust” NASA Budget

Sep 30, 2009  Op-Ed
U.S. Must Lead World in Space [Gordon]

Sep 25, 2009  Press release
GAO Report Confirms that Funding Shortfalls Have Hurt NASA’s Ability to Execute Its Constellation Program As Planned

Sep 15, 2009  Hearing
Options and Issues for NASA’s Human Space Flight Program: Report of the “Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans” Committee

Sep 15, 2009  Press release
Funding Will Be Key Determinant of America’s Human Space Flight Future, Committee and Witnesses Agree

Sep 08, 2009  Press release
Chairman Gordon’s Statement on Augustine Committee Summary Report on Human Spaceflight

Jul 20, 2009  Press release
House Celebrates Fortieth Anniversary of ‘Giant Leap for Mankind’

Jul 17, 2009  Letters From the Committee
Letter to Mr. Norman Augustine, Chairman, Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee

Jun 18, 2009  Hearing
External Perspectives on the FY 2010 NASA Budget Request and Related Issues

Jun 18, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Examines NASA Budget Challenges

May 23, 2009  Press release
Chairman Gordon, Chairwoman Giffords Comment on President’s Choice to Head NASA

May 19, 2009  Hearing
NASA’s Fiscal Year 2010 Budget Request

May 19, 2009  Press release
Committee Examines NASA Budget Request

May 07, 2009  Press release
Chairman Gordon Comments on Administration Budget

Apr 27, 2009  Press release
Chairman Gordon Comments on President’s Address Highlighting the Importance of Science

Apr 23, 2009  Requested Report
[GAO] GEOSTATIONARY OPERATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL SATELLITES: Acquisition is Under Way, but Improvements Needed in Management and Contractor Oversight

Apr 22, 2009  Hearing
Monitoring, Measurement and Verification of Greenhouse Gas Emissions II: The Role of Federal and Academic Research and Monitoring Programs

Apr 09, 2009  Press release
Chairman Gordon Disappointed in NASA’s Decision to Award Contract Despite Ongoing Investigation

Apr 09, 2009  Requested Report
[GAO] AVIATION SAFETY: NASA’s National Aviation Operations Monitoring Service Project Was Designed Appropriately, but Sampling and Other Issues Complicate Data Analysis

Mar 19, 2009  Hearing
Follow the Money: Accountability and Transparency in Recovery Act Science Funding

Mar 19, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Examines How Agencies Will Be Accountable and Transparent With Recovery Package Funding

Mar 19, 2009  Letters From the Committee
Letter to Acting Administrator Scolese Regarding Space Communications Network Services (SCNS) Contract

Mar 06, 2009  Letters From the Committee
Letter to Acting Administrator Scoles Regarding Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) Contracts

Mar 05, 2009  Hearing
Cost Management Issues in NASA’s Acquisitions and Programs

Mar 05, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Investigates Causes, Solutions for Recurring Problems of Cost and Schedule Growth at NASA

Mar 03, 2009  Press release
NASA Needs To Do More to Improve Its Ability to Reuse Its Existing Equipment, GAO Report Finds

Feb 13, 2009  Press release
House Approves Investments in Science and Technology to Create Jobs, Ensure Competitiveness

Jan 28, 2009  Press release
House Passes Recovery Package, including Investments to Strengthen Competitiveness, Economy with Science and Technology

Jan 09, 2009  Requested Report
[GAO] INSPECTORS GENERAL: Actions Needed to Improve Audit Coverage of NASA

Jan 09, 2009  Press release
GAO Report Finds Failure of Oversight by NASA IG

Dec 18, 2008  Press release
Chairman Gordon Discusses Agenda, the Role of Innovation in Creating New Jobs

Oct 16, 2008  Press release
President Signs NASA Reauthorization

Sep 27, 2008  Member Speeches
On H.R. 6063, the NASA Authorization Act of 2008

Sep 27, 2008  Press release
House Sends NASA Bill to President’s Desk, Reaffirms Commitment to Balanced and Robust Space and Aeronautics Program

Jul 30, 2008  Hearing
NASA at 50: Past Accomplishments and Future Opportunities and Challenges

Jun 12, 2008  Member Speeches
On H.R. 6063, the NASA Authorization Act of 2008

Jun 04, 2008  Markup
Full Committee Markup -- H.R. 6063

Jun 04, 2008  Press release
Committee Approves NASA Authorization Act

May 20, 2008  Markup
Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee Markup -- H.R. 6063

May 20, 2008  Press release
Subcommittee Passes NASA Authorization Act

May 01, 2008  Hearing
NASA’s Aeronautics R&D Program: Status and Issues

Nov 29, 2007  Requested Report
[GAO] Assessment of NASA's Progress on Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle

Jul 26, 2007  Press release
Chairman Comments on Anticipated NASA Reports Reviewing Astronauts’ Medical and Behavioral Health

Jun 07, 2007  Hearing
Oversight Review of the Investigation of the NASA Inspector General

Jun 06, 2007  Press release
Healthcare IT Education, Energy Research Among Host of S&T Bills Passed by House

Mar 15, 2007  Hearing
NASA's Fiscal Year 2008 Budget Request

Jan 10, 2007  Legislation Highlights
Sowing the Seeds Through Science and Engineering Research Act

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