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Jun 23, 2010  Hearing
Deepwater Drilling Technology, Research, and Development

Jun 09, 2010  Hearing
Deluge of Oil Highlights Research and Technology Needs for Effective Cleanup of Oil Spills

Jun 09, 2010  Press release
Members, Witnesses Discuss Oil Spill Research, Cleanup Technologies, and the Environment

Dec 01, 2009  Member Speeches
Energy and Environment Subcommittee Vice Chair Paul Tonko's Floor Speech on HR 3598

Dec 01, 2009  Press release
House Approves Bills to Improve the Integration of Energy and Water Research and the Efficiency of Natural Gas Turbines

Oct 07, 2009  Press release
Committee Passes Legislation to Prevent and Control Harmful Algal Blooms, Improve Solar Technology, and Research the Link between Water and Energy Resources

Oct 07, 2009  Markup
H.R. 3650, H.R. 3585, H.R. 3598

Sep 30, 2009  Markup
H.R. 3650, H.R. 3598, H.R. 3585

Sep 30, 2009  Press release
Subcommittee Approves Bills to Control Harmful Algal Blooms, Improve Solar Technology, and Examine the Link between Energy and Water Resources

Sep 29, 2009  Legislation Highlights
Energy and Water Research Integration Act

Aug 03, 2009  Letters From the Committee
Miller Letter to HHS Secretary Sebelius Regarding the Lead-in-Water Crisis in Washington, D.C.

Aug 03, 2009  Letters From the Committee
Miller Letter to Mayor Fenty Regarding the Lead-in-Water Crisis in Washington, D.C.

Jul 09, 2009  Hearing
Technology Research and Development Efforts Related to the Energy and Water Linkage

Jul 09, 2009  Press release
Members, Witnesses Discuss Water, Energy Link

Apr 30, 2009  Member Speeches
Chairman Gordon's remarks at the AAAS Science and Technology Policy Forum

Apr 23, 2009  Member Speeches
Chairman Gordon’s Floor Speech on H.R. 1145, the National Water Research and Development Act of 2009

Apr 23, 2009  Press release
Chairman’s Bill to Coordinate Water Research, Ensure Supply Passes House

Mar 25, 2009  Markup
Full Cmte. - H.R. 1580, H.R. 1145

Mar 25, 2009  Legislation Highlights
National Water Research and Development Initiative Act

Mar 25, 2009  Press release
Committee Clears Bills To Improve Electronics Recycling and Coordinate Critical Water Research

Mar 04, 2009  Hearing
21st Century Water Planning: The Importance of a Coordinated Federal Approach

Mar 04, 2009  Press release
Better Coordination Needed To Ensure Adequate Water Supply, Committee Hears

Feb 24, 2009  Press release
Chairman Gordon Introduces Legislation to Streamline Water Research

Feb 11, 2009  Press release
House Takes Steps to Avert Water Shortages through Conservation, Innovation

Oct 29, 2008  Op-Ed
Protecting the Environment Through Innovation [Gordon]

Jul 30, 2008  Press release
House Acts to Help Prevent Looming Water-Use Crisis

Jul 23, 2008  Hearing
A National Water Initiative: Coordinating and Improving Federal Research on Water

Jul 23, 2008  Press release
Subcommittee Reviews Draft Legislation on Water Initiative

May 14, 2008  Hearing
Water Supply Challenges for the 21st Century

May 06, 2008  Markup
Energy and Environment Subcommittee Markup -- H.R. 3957

May 06, 2008  Markup
Energy and Environment Subcommittee Markup -- H.R. 2339

May 06, 2008  Press release
Subcommittee Passes Legislation to Increase Water Supply

Oct 30, 2007  Hearing
Research to Improve Water-Use Efficiency and Conservation: Technologies and Practices

Oct 30, 2007  Press release
Water-Use Efficiency Technologies Focus of Subcommittee Work

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