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Legislative Highlights :: March 25, 2009

National Water Research and Development Initiative Act

H.R. 1145

 Bill Summary and Status

Reported (as amended) by the Full Committee March 25, 2009

Introduced in the House on February 24, 2009


Section 1: Short Title

The National Water Research and Development Initiative Act of 2009

Section 2: National Water Research and Development Initiative

Section 2 directs the President to implement a National Water Research and Development Initiative to improve Federal activities on water, including: research, development, demonstration, data collection and dissemination, education, and technology transfer. As part of the Initiative, the President shall establish or designate an Interagency Committee with representation from all Federal agencies dealing with water and the Office of Management and Budget. The Office of Science and Technology Policy will chair the Committee.

The Committee is charged with developing a National Water Availability Research and Assessment Plan, coordinating all Federal activities on water that include research, development, demonstration, data collection and dissemination, education, and technology transfer, and promoting cooperation among agencies with respect to water research. The Committee is also responsible for facilitating technology transfer, communication, and opportunities for exchange with non-governmental organizations.

The President is directed to create a National Water Initiative Coordination Office to provide technical and administrative support to the Committee. The Office will disseminate information to the public and serve as a point of contact for the Initiative.

The National Water Research and Assessment Plan establishes priorities for Federal water research and assessment and shall utilize the recommendation from a 2007 Report issued by SWAQ (Subcommittee on Water Availability and Quality of the National Science and Technology Council) and recommendations by the National Academy of Sciences. This section also identifies required elements of the Plan. The Plan lists a number of water research outcomes to be achieved by the agencies participating in the Initiative.

The Plan will be subject to a 90 day public comment period and must be submitted to Congress within 1 year of enactment.

Section 2 also requires the President to establish or designate an advisory committee including non-governmental experts to provide guidance and recommendations to the interagency committee governing the Initiative.

Section 3: Budget Coordination

Section 3 directs the President to provide guidance to each Federal agency in the Initiative with respect to the President’s annual budget request. The President is required to describe and list the items in the request that are intended to achieve the outcomes of the Plan.

Section 4: Annual Report

Section 4 directs the President submit an annual report to Congress describing the activities and results of the Initiative.

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