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Member Speeches :: September 16, 2009

Rep. Gary C. Peters' Floor Speech on H.R. 3246

As prepared for delivery

It is no secret that the global economic crisis has had a devastating impact on the automobile industry.  Automobile and truck manufacturers and parts suppliers around the globe are struggling to deal with substantially decreased demand in vehicle sales.

At the same time, we are in the midst of a transformation to a more energy independent economy, which will require the production of new vehicle technologies that will increase fuel efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.  Development of advanced technologies for both heavy-duty trucks and passenger vehicles is a vital national interest and requires a coordinated effort at the federal level.

That is why I am proud to have worked with Chairman Gordon to introduce the Advanced Vehicles Technology Act of 2009.  This legislation will build upon the current research efforts of DOE and the private sector by providing an increased federal investment in passenger and heavy- duty vehicle research and development.

By directing the Department of Energy to partner with industry stakeholders and agencies across the federal government, the bill will ensure that our investment leverages the maximum amount of talent and innovation, and lead to faster development of new technologies that will help us meet our energy challenges and promote American innovation in the advanced vehicle technologies field.

There is a global competition right now to determine which countries will produce the cars and trucks of the future.  There is no doubt that in the years ahead more Americans will be driving hybrids, plug-in hybrids, battery electric vehicles, and cars and trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells.  The only question is whether these new technologies will be researched, developed, and manufactured here in the United States creating American jobs or whether this technology will be built overseas.  The Advanced Vehicle Technology Act will help ensure that the American automobile industry will continue to be globally competitive, and that we as a nation will not trade our dependence on foreign oil for a dependence on foreign batteries and other emerging technology.

This legislation has strong support from industry.  It has been endorsed by the Chamber of Commerce and by the National Association of Manufacturers, who understand how important it is for our nation to maintain its competitiveness in R&D and emerging technology in order to preserve our manufacturing base.

HR 3246 has been endorsed by the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, and by individual automakers like Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, and Daimler.  It is strongly supported by the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association, which is the industry trade group representing auto parts suppliers, as well as key suppliers based in my Congressional District like ArvinMeritor, Magna International, Delphi, and Bosch.

I am also proud to report that this bill has the support of organized labor, including my good friends at the UAW, and from the environmental community, including such organizations as the League of Conservation Voters, the National Resources Defense Council and the Sierra Club.

This bill’s broad support includes the steel industry, which is excited by the opportunities this legislation will create for them to partner with the federal government on research projects that will continue to make steel lighter and stronger.  High mileage cars will need to reduce weight while keeping passengers safe, and the steel industry can and must play an important role in helping us achieve that goal.

I want to thank Chairman Gordon and his staff for their leadership on this legislation, and for their helpfulness both to me and to my staff.  I would also like to thank my Republican colleagues on the Science Committee, especially Mrs. Biggert, for working with me to improve this important bill.  I also want to thank the Democratic Leadership, and in particular Majority Leader Hoyer, for working with me on this bill.

The Advanced Vehicle Technology Act will help reduce our nation’s dependence on foreign oil and preserve and create manufacturing jobs in Michigan and across the country.  I strongly believe in this legislation and I encourage my colleagues to support HR 3246.

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