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What is RSS?

Real Simple Syndication is a format that allows Web users to monitor the content of multiple Web sites through a RSS Reader program and receive a notice when they have been updated.  RSS feeds are a way for website owners to easily distribute a list of headlines, update notices, and content to a wide number of people on the web.  Most people are interested in many websites whose content changes on an unpredictable schedule.  Examples of such websites are news sites, travel sites, community information pages, medical websites, and weblogs.  Repeatedly checking each website to see if there is any new content can be very tedious.  A Web site is using RSS if it has a RSS, RSS 2.0, XML, RSS feed, or RSS feed icon.

New RSS feature with Internet Explorer 7

With new integrated support for RSS in Internet Explorer 7, you can easily discover, subscribe to and read RSS feeds directly in the browser.  You can have personalized sports, news, or shopping feeds delivered directly to you.

In Internet Explorer 7, you can read the feed directly in the browser, scan for important stories and get a description of the content.  You can also subscribe to a feed with a single click, a process that is very similar to adding a website Favorite.

How to subscribe to an RSS feed in Internet Explorer 7

The site you're visiting must offer RSS feeds. Internet Explorer 7 will notify you of a site that offers RSS by illuminating (in red or orange) the RSS feed button on your toolbar.

Click the red/orange "Feeds" button to see a list of articles that are offered via RSS and subscribe to them by clicking "Subscribe to this feed" in the upper part of the screen.

You can see all the updated content on this site by looking in the Feeds section of your Favorites Center each time you open Internet Explorer 7.

Why subscribe through RSS?

A RSS subscription would allow you to get up to date information for free without having to continuously check a particular Web page.  A notice is sent directly to your RSS Reader program with a short description that can be viewed at your leisure.

How do I use RSS?

"Right Click" and "Copy Shortcut" the hyperlink associated with the RSS Feed icon or simply copy the address that appears in your browser when you click on the RSS Feed icon and paste the hyperlink provided to your RSS Reader program.  After adding the RSS Feed to your RSS Reader program you will be subscribed to the office's Web site for future updates.

Where do I get a RSS Reader?

There is no standard RSS Reader program to use with a RSS subscription.  The following links are provided to help find which RSS Reader program suits your needs best.

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